About Us

DRW Venture Capital, an arm of principal trading firm DRW, invests primarily in financial and enterprise technology. Many of our portfolio companies benefit from our engagement beyond capital: as a client, as a liquidity provider, through our review of new products, and through our deep industry expertise.

How We Partner

As a firm with no outside investors, we have a flexible mandate to deploy capital and often tap into our core business to help companies grow. We’re powered by the people, technology and ideas of DRW, and those we invest in may leverage it all. DRW has diversified business expertise and deep networks in trading and technology, real estate investment, cryptocurrencies and product development — a unique advantage.


DRW has 25 years of experience in the global markets, trading on nearly 40 exchanges from three continents. We employ more than 900 people at many offices worldwide, including expert traders, technologists, researchers and operations professionals.


DRW has supported more than 20 open source software projects created by our employees. Many DRW engineers are frequent speakers and published authors on system architecture, databases, programming languages and methodology.

Real Estate Investment

Convexity Properties is an award-winning real estate firm with a portfolio of more than 60 retail, residential and commercial properties nationwide. We take the lead role on projects and also partner with leading development and architecture firms.

Market Innovations

DRW CEO Don Wilson co-founded distributed ledger technology firm Digital Asset, which counts DRW alumni among its founding team. Separately, DRW also holds several patents and has licensed intellectual property within the industry for the development of new products.


We started trading bitcoin in 2010 and established one of the world’s largest bitcoin trading desks — Cumberland. We are a leading liquidity provider in all cryptocurrencies, making institutional sized trades with global counterparties.

Our Focus

Financial and Enterprise Technology

$5M+ in Revenues

$1 — 5M+ First Check

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